Beautiful noise

“Beautiful Noise”: un documentaire sur My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins, Jesus and Mary Chain

Un documentaire sur les groupes cultes My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins, Jesus and Mary Chain (entre autres) financé par Kickstarter sera présenté pour la première fois le 31 mai à Seattle.


The definitive documentary about influential 80’s and 90’s guitar bands who harnessed massively loud sounds using a sea of effects pedals and delivered some of the most BEAUTIFUL NOISE ever recorded.

8 years in the making, with over 50 interviews, band members, music icons and tastemakers.

BEAUTIFUL NOISE is an in-depth exploration of a music movement in the late 20th century, a fascinating period when some innovative musicians mixed guitar noise into conventional pop song structures while maintaining a philosophy of letting the music speak for itself.

Although many of the people interviewed are notoriously press shy they have opened up about their music and experiences from over 20 years ago; how they defied the rules and became sonic innovators that have inspired so many.