Kate Bush to play 15 concerts

Kate Bush to play 15 concerts in London this summer

The famously stage-averse Kate Bush — who, until now, has toured just once, in 1979 — today shocked fans worldwide by announcing “we will be performing some live shows this coming August and September.” More specifically, Bush confirmed a run of 15 concerts at London’s Hammersmith Apollo venue called “Before the Dawn.”


Few other details are known about what the shows, which run from Aug. 26 to Sept. 19, will entail. She adds: “I hope you will be able to join us and I look forward to seeing you there.”

Bush famously stopped touring after a sole outing in April and May 1979, a decision some believe was due to everything from a fear of flying to an overly controlling nature to the death of her lighting director during that 1979 outing. Since then, she has performed sporadically at a handful of charity events, and has turned up for duets at concerts with Peter Gabriel and David Gilmour, the latter her most recent appearance on stage, in 2002.